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NanoThailand 2010
      The conception of the NanoThailand 2012, which will be held during April 9-11, 2012 in Khon Kaen, Thailand, is for it to be a premier international conference and a series of exhibition in Nanotechnology, bringing together world-leading researchers, Thai scientists, entrepreneurs, business partners and exhibitors, in several focused areas of the sciences and technology at the nanoscale. It is aimed as a platform to disseminate researchers and scientists the latest research results, allow cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge to further advance both technological areas and to showcase their latest inventions and innovations. In the foreseeable, not too distant future, Nanotechnology will significantly impact various large industries and SMEs domestically, regionally and beyond.
      NanoThailand 2012 conference is organized by Nanotechnology Association of Thailand, Integrated Nanotechnology Research Center of Khon Kaen University (NANOKKU), National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), and National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).
       Suggested topics for the conference include the following:
  • Session I: Fabrication, Characterization and Tools (Modeling and Simulation, Fabrication, Characterization, Reliability, Instrumentation)
  • Session II: Advanced Materials (Particles, Carbon nanotubes, Coatings, Polymers, Composites, Soft and Biomaterials)
  • Session III: Electronics and Microsystems (Nano Electronic, Fluids, Inkjet, WCM-compact modeling, Microelectromechanical system (MEMS), Nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS))
  • Session IV: Nanobiotechnology, Nanomedicine, Nanofood and Nanoagriculture (Biosensors, BioNano Materials, Drug Delivery, Cancer, Medicine, Biotechnology, Food, Agriculture, Instrumentation)
  • Session V: Energy and Environment (Oil, Gas, Solar, Fuel Cells, Storage, Grid, Lighting, EHS, Green Technology, Bio Energy, Water, Waste, Remediation, Environment, Health and Safety)
  • Session VI: Industrial Nanotechnology (Ventures, Investment and Partnering)
  • Special Forum: Nanotechnology and Society

Advance Program (Tentative)

"NanoThailand 2012: Nanotechnology for the benefits of Mankind"

Date/Time Monday April 9, 2012
8.00-9.00 Registration
9.00-9.40 Opening Ceremony
9.40-10.20               Keynote Speaker 1: Prof. Makoto Ogawa, Waseda University, Japan "Morphosynthese of nanoporous silicas" 
10.20-10.40 Coffee Break
10.40-11.20                     Keynote Speaker 2: Prof. Kenneth A. Dawson, University College Dublin, Ireland "Ensuring Nanosafety; Science informs Policy and supports Economic Development"
  Orchid Ballroom 1  Chat-Tan 1-2 Room Erawan 1 Room Erawan 2 Room Fahmui 1-2-3 room Fahmui 4-5 room
Session I: Fabrication, Characterization and Tools Session II: Advanced Materials Session II: Advanced Materials Session III: Electronics and Microsystems Session IV: Nanobiotechnology, Nanomedicine, Nanofood and Nanoagriculture Session V: Engergy and Environment
Chairman:  Prof. Pichet Limsuwan Chairman:  Prof. Makoto Ogawa Chairman: Asst. Prof. Chunpen Thomas Chairman:  Prof. Pradosh P. Sahay  Chair: Prof. Kenneth Dawson Chairman: Assc. Prof. V. Amornkitbamrung
11.25-11.50 S1-1: Assc. Prof. Pikul Wanichapichart "Membrane separation and changes in material functional groups by beam and plasma technology" S2-1: Prof. Teruyuki Nakoto "Liquid crystals of inorganic nanosheets: Generation, structure, and properties" S2-2: Prof. Li Wang "Chiral Supermolecular Self-assembly on Metal Surfaces" S3-1: Prof. Meiyong Liao "Diamond MEMS" S4-1: Prof.  Aliasghar Ensafi  "Sensitive DNA electrochemical nanosensor based on different nanoparticles modified electrodes for detection of important disease, and carcinogen compounds " S5-1: Prof. Gerko Oskam "Nanomaterials for the dye-sensitized solar cell"
11.50-12.10 I1-1: Assc. Prof. Shinsuke Nagamine "Carbon/TiO2 composite nanofiber" I2-1: Assc. Prof. Supon Ananta "Mechanical processing for perovskite-based electroceramic nanopowders and nanocomposites"  I2-2: Asst. Prof. Tomohiko Okada "Organic-inorganic hybrid adsorbents based on ultra-thin oxide layers; Designed nanostructures for preparation of smart adsorbent" I3-1: Assc. Prof. Jr-Hau He  "Nanoscale Photon Management for Efficient light and Energy Harvesting" I4-1: Assc. Prof. Min-Tze Liong        "Nanofood and nanoagriculture " I5-1: Assc. Prof. Rathanawan Magaraphan "Potential Use of Nanoclay in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell with Natural Dyed"
12.10 - 13.00 Lunch/Poster/Exhibition
13.00-13.30 Poster Session 13.00-13.30
  Orchid Ballroom 1  Chat-Tan 1-2 Room Erawan 1 Room Erawan 2 Room Fahmui 1-2-3 room Fahmui 4-5 room
Session I: Fabrication, Characterization and Tools Session II: Advanced Materials Session II: Advanced Materials Session III: Electronics and Microsystems Session IV: Nanobiotechnology, Nanomedicine, Nanofood and Nanoagriculture Session V: Engergy and Environment
Chairman:  Assc. Prof. Pikul Wanichapichart Chairman: Prof.  Teruyuki Nakoto  Chairman: Assc. Prof. Supon Ananta Chairman:  Prof. Meiyong Liao  Chair: Prof. Aliasghar Ensafi Chairman: Prof. Gerko Oskam
13.30-13.50 I1-2: Dr. Alan Man Ching NG  "Tin oxide, indium oxide and indium tin oxide nanostructures: growth and  I2-3:  Assc. Prof. Santi Maensiri "Fabrication, Characterization and Magnetic Properties of Dilute Magnetic Oxide Nanostructures"
I2-4: Asst. Prof. Vivek Polshettiwar  "Nano-Catalysis: Morphological and Shape Controlled Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Their applications as Catalysts " I3-2: Prof. Pradosh P. Sahay  "Solid state gas sensors based on semiconducting oxide nanomaterials"   I4-2: Prof. Wibool Piyawattanametha "Early detection of cervical cancer with light microendoscopy" I5-2:  Dr. Liwen Sang  "Photoelectrical energy-conversion devices based on III-Nitrde semiconductors"
13.50-14.05 o1-1: Prof. Nimal Rajapakse "Simulation of large deflections of nanobeams" o2-1: Assc. Prof. Prapaporn Boonme "Effects of lipid types on characteristics of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) prepared from warm microemulsions" o2-6: Asst. Prof. Chunpen Thomas "Possible developmental dangers to chicks from coating magnetic nanoparticles with polysorbate 80" I3-3: Assc. Prof. Juan Antonio Zapien  "Photonic and plasmonic effects in nanostructures"(13.50-14.10) o4-1: Dr. Mostafa Heidari Majd        "Drug delivery" o5-1: Dr. Mohd Abdul Khan  "Spray-deposited CuInS2 nanocrystalline thin film suitable for solar cells"
14.05-14.20 o1-2: Asst. Prof. Chanchai Thongpin "Effect of pre-vulcanized natural rubber latex and OMMT on mechanical properties of thermoplastic starch derived from cassava flour" o2-2: Dr. Greg Heness  "Graphene coated cobalt nanoparticle - poly(lactic acid) composite films" o2-7: Dr. Voravit Kosalathip "Low Cost Preparation of Nanopowder by CW Laser Ablation in Ar Atmosphere" o4-2:  Mr.Behnoud Hormozi "Structural Relationships and QSPR Theoretical Study of Free Energies and Spectroscopic characteristics of the Vital Bionano structures of Cytochromes c3, b559, b5 and a3-co with Fullerenes in Photo Electron Transfer Processes" o5-2: Dr. Sonal Singhal "5.2% efficient superstrate CdTe/Zn0.1Cd0.9S thin film solar cells grown by pulsed laser deposition technique"
I3-4: Dr. Adisorn Tuantranont: (14.10-14.30) "Printable Graphene-based Sensors"
14.20-14.35 o1-3: Dr. Paveena Laokul "Characterization of nanocrystalline CoFe2O4 synthesized by PVA Sol-gel Method" o2-3:  Dr.Niti Yongvanich "Synthesis of Strontium-Doped ZnO-Based Nanopowders by Chemical Co-precipitation" o2-8: Ms. Supreeda Jeamtrakull "Physical-Mechanical Properties of Starch Nanocrystals Reinforced Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Phthalate Films" o4-3: Ms. Kannika Khantasup "Generation of humanized single chain antibody to H5N1 avian influenza with antiviral activity and cell targeting." o5-3: Ms. Kim Inyea "The preparation of cadmium oxide blocking layer using sol-gel method for DSSC "
I3-5: Dr. Aleksandra Djurisic   "Effect of precursors on properties and LED applications of ZnO nanorods" (14.30-14.50)
14.35-14.50 o1-4: Mr. Rakdiaw Muangma "Morphological Control of Thermoelectric Thin Films Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition" o2-4: Dr. Varol Intasanta "Ultrafine nanosilver-decorated tungsten oxide nanofibers under visible light source"  02-9:  Mr. Mojtaba Ahmadi "Characterization of  Nanoclay and Nanotube effect on PMMA Microcellular Foam's morphology" o4-4: Ms. Ruchuon Yokchom "Production of polyclonal antibody against p16INK4A protein for development of cervical cancer screening test" o5-4:  Mr. Prathan Prachopchok  "Effect of CdS-TiO2 layer on dye sensitized solar cell investigated by impedance spectroscopy"
14.50-15.05 o1-5: Ms. Hamideh Andarva "Optical and Structural Properties of ZnO:Mn Thin Films Prepared by Sol- Gel Process" o2-5: Mr. Kataguna Kanoknukulchai "Porous membrane-supported synthesis of carbon nanotubes" o2-10:  Mr. Ian Thomas "Carbon coating of magnetic nanoparticles by ultrasonic assisted electrolysis" o3-1:  Dr. Ghasem Rezaei   "Effects of external electric and magnetic fields on the second harmonic generation in a two-dimensional quantum pseudodot system" o4-5: Ms. Warangkana Chantim "EpCAM-specific scFv: a molecule for cancer targeting" o5-5: Mr. Karthik Kunjali  "Quantum dot solar cells by improved zinc oxide nanorod sensitization with cadmium telluride nanoparticles"
15.05-15.25 Coffee Break
  Orchid Ballroom 1  Chat-Tan 1-2 Room Erawan 1 Room Erawan 2 Room Fahmui 1-2-3 room Fahmui 4-5 room
Session I: Fabrication, Characterization and Tools Session II: Advanced Materials Session III: Electronics and Microsystems Session III: Electronics and Microsystems Session IV: Nanobiotechnology, Nanomedicine, Nanofood and Nanoagriculture Session V: Engergy and Environment
Chairman: Dr. Alan Man Ching NG  Chairman: Asst. Prof. Tomohiko Okada  Chairman: Assc. Prof. Juan Antonio Zapien  Chairman: Assc. Prof. Jr-Hau He  Chairman: Assc.Prof. M-T. Liong Chairman: Assc. Prof. R. Magaraphan
15.25-15.45 I1-3: Assc .Prof. Hiroyuki Shima "Theory of Curved Nanocarbons" o2-11: Assc. Prof. Jon-Paul Wells "Ultrafast vibrational dynamics of amorphous silicon sub-oxides" I3-6:  Dr. Boonsong Sutapan "Nanoparticle-enhanced surface plasmon resonance sensing for fM detection of proteins and DNA" I3-7: Asst. Prof. Armando Somintac  "Investigation of terahertz emission from InAs and GaAs thin films grown on Si substrates" I4-3: Dr. C. Borgognoni                   "Effects of membrane conjugation of bovine serum albumin nanoparticles on the stability of liposomes during freezing/thawing and storage"  I5-3: Dr. Samuk Pimanpang "Electrochemically co-deposited polyaniline-platinum for dye-sensitized solar cell application"
15.45-16.00 o1-6: Assc. Prof. Banjong Boonchom "Facile, alternative synthesis of spherical-like Ca(H2PO4)2•H2O nanoparticle by aqueous-methanol media" o2-12: Dr. Sajjad Sedaghat "Nanocomposites of Modified Montmorillonite, Synthesis and Charactrerization" o3-2: Dr. Rungroj Maolanon "Enhance better resolution of relative relationship between color and concentration solution analysis by Photo Diode Array Detectors" *change to poster* o3-5: Mr.Mohsen Mehri "Using Method of Fundamental Solution in the Theory of Micro Fluids" o4-6: Asst. Prof. Attavit Pisitanusorn "Leucite crystallization, microstructure and mechanical properties of modified porcelain ceramic-nanocomposites" o5-6: Mr. Kittirat Phooplub  "Small-scale energy harvesting with nanostructured piezoelectrics"
16.00-16.15 o1-7: Dr. Sandhya Pillai "Preparation of nanocrystalline CdS photoconductive cell in pellet form and its characterization" o2-13: Dr. Nader Nabhani "Application and Development of Nanocomposite Membranes in Gas Separation" o3-3: Ms. Fatemeh Mohtaram (16.20-16.35) "Preparation of flexible fabric based electronic circuit Using inkjet printing co electroless plating technique" o3-6: Mr.Ungkarn Jarujareet "2D correlation map based object detection in digital in-line holography" o4-7:Asst. Prof. Saowakon Wongsasulak  "Fabrication and gastro-mucoadhesive property of zein-chitosan blend ultrafine fibrous film"   o5-7: Ms. Supamas Danwittayakul  "Preparation of Cu-ZnO nanocatalysts for methanol steam reformation"
16.15-16.30 o1-8: Mr. Teerapat Rutirawut "Size determination of colliodal nanoparticles by small-angle X-ray data at higher diffraction order" o2-14: Ms. Chutima Srisitthiratkul "Synthesis and large scale production of visible light active ultrafine photocatalyst nanofibers by solution-based electrospinning"
o3-4: Dr. Behrooz Vaseghi "Combined effects of impurity and confinement on the optical properties of spherical quantum dot" o3-7: Dr. Wichien Sang-aroon "Natural dyes derived from fungi and small scale insects as photosensitizer in dye-sensitized solar cell" o4-8: Ms. Samaneh Ghasaba "Mechanical properties of photopolymerizable cyanoacrylate-POSS nanocomposite adhesives" o5-8: Dr. Montree Sawangphruk "Surfactant-assisted Electrodeposition and Improved Electrochemical Capacitance of Silver-doped Manganese Oxide Pseudocapacitor Electrodes"
17.00-18.30 City Tour-Local Souvenir Shopping

**Room name
OB2 = Orchid Ballroom 2
CT = Chat-Tan
EW = Erawan
FM1 = Fahmui 1
FM2 = Fahmui 2

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